Automated commercial gas metering system (ASKUG)

Gas metering device management system with data transmission via wireless Gas Cloud channels

The system is designed to view the status and control of gas metering devices that provide for the possibility of data transmission and control using GSM/GPRS/3G/LTE, LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT, LoRaWAN technologies.

The structure of the ASKUG "GASCLOUD" software

Acquisition server
  • metering devices connection processing
  • receipt of data and transmission of control commands
  • interaction with DBMS
PostgresSQL Database Management System (DBMS)
  • storage of metering devices data
  • storage of control commands
  • maintaining service directories
Apache+PHP HTTP Server
  • organization of the interface with the system operators
  • information interaction with related information systems (billing, security service, gas supply modes, statistics, etc.)

Basic functions

The system enables the following functions:
  • view current readings and functional and technical condition of gas metering devices
  • control of metering devices: gas supply valve control, data transmission period setting
  • maintaining archives of meter readings and control history of the gas supply valve
  • export of current meter readings in CSV format
  • maintaining a directory of subscribers of the system (adding, editing details and deleting subscribers)
  • linking metering devices to subscribers of gas consumption services
  • maintaining the subscriber's electronic account: operation of automatically debiting funds from the subscriber's account for the amount of gas consumed in accordance with the selected tariff, operation of crediting funds to the account and adjusting the account status
  • maintaining a directory of tariffs for gas consumption by subscribers (adding, editing and deleting tariffs)
  • maintaining the history of operations in the subscriber's account: crediting and debiting of funds
  • maintaining a directory of system operators (adding, editing access rights and details, deleting an operator)
  • informational interaction with the System of Automated Accounting for Gas Consumption of the State Unitary Enterprise MO Mosoblgaz
  • operation of the workplace of an employee of the security service of a branch of a gas supply organization
  • sending notifications to the Security Service operators regarding the need to confirm the control commands
  • maintaining an electronic record of actions of system operators
The system does not have any explicit restrictions on the number of meters and subscribers processed. The operation of the system was tested on 3 million metering devices and subscribers.


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